Podcasts for professional development

Many of us are staying home much more than usual, whether that is because we are working from home or because we are not doing our usual after-work activities or both.

At DDH, we have been listening to a lot more podcasts to stay up to date on news and happenings in the legal profession. We polled attorneys in our office and found that the podcasts they are listening to tend to fall into one of two broad categories: (1) podcasts where people discuss interesting, substantive issues of law and current cases, and (2) podcasts with advice on how to manage your law practice.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Lawyer to Lawyer – each show has different guests who discuss (and sometimes debate!) a current, popular legal topic 
  • Amicus – a show about justice, the law, and the courts where host Dahlia Lithwick and her guest(s) discuss recent United States Supreme Court Cases and their implications for our legal system and democracy 
  • The Trial Lawyer – a mix of practical tips for trial practice and discussions about recent developments in the law 
  • Great Trials Podcast – conversations with trial lawyers about the “behind the scenes” of America’s greatest trials 
  • Bloomberg Law Cases and Controversies – each week the show features guests who discuss in-depth the critical legal issues that arise during oral arguments at the United States Supreme Court 
  • Bloomberg Law – host, June Grasso, and guest(s), including prominent attorneys and legal scholars, analyze major legal issues and cases in the news 
  • Un-Billable Hour – a show where experts discuss marketing, managing time, attracting new clients, among other important things for attorneys and firms to keep up to date on 
  • In-House Legal – a show about latest developments, trends, and best practices for general counsel and in-house legal departments for companies of all sizes 
  • Law Firm Autopilot – the ultimate guide for how to make technology work for law firms and reduce the number of hours attorneys spend at work while increasing their profits

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