Matt Boch provides insight on proposed Arkansas tax legislation for Law360 article

Dover Dixon Horne member Matthew Boch was recently interviewed by Law360 to discuss five proposed Arkansas Senate bills that would establish a 30-day income tax threshold for nonresidents, repeal the state’s “throwback rule” and increase certain tax credits. All five represent priority reforms for the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce.

In addition, Boch, who serves as outside tax counsel to the Arkansas Chamber, also noted several pending House bills, two of which would create an independent tax appeals commission and seek an entity-level bypass to a $10,000 state and local tax deduction cap.

Boch told Law360 that all of the proposed legislation the Arkansas Chamber supports represents, "incremental reforms that will move Arkansas forward without breaking the bank in terms of fiscal impact.”

To read the full article at Law360, please click here. A subscription is required.


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