Keep that Bundle of Joy: How to Deal with Bundled Transactions?

The 2020 COST Sales Tax Conference & Audit Session conference will be held at the Waldorf-Astoria in Las Vegas Nevada - February 25-28, 2020. COST speakers in this section: "Keep that Bundle of Joy: How to Deal with Bundled Transactions?" will include DDH attorney, Matthew C. Boch. Sales and use tax professionals, this conference will be offering a state-by-state exchange of information on legislative, audit, judicial and regulatory issues. Sales can be complicated, and can involve various, different aspects that are nonetheless inseparable from each other. Additionally, speakers will discuss these issues and will examine foundational questions of how to classify products and services, with a particular focus on the tension between “true object” tests and de minimis bundled transaction rules.  Learn more about the COST conference here.

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