Executive Director of DDH client, Arkansas Advanced Energy Association, Stephanie Osborne discusses potential repercussions of recently introduced legislation (HB 1787)

A little over two years after the Arkansas Solar Access Act of 2019 was passed by a bipartisan group of state senators, state Representative Lanny Fite (R-Benton) advanced HB 1787, which aims to reduce and potentially eliminate net metering of solar power usage and remove utility regulatory power from the Arkansas Public Service Commission.

According to Fite, the proposed bills provisions would cut compensation costs from 10 or 11 cents per kilowatt-hour to 3 cents per kilowatt-hour. He explained the bill would correct the “unfairness” of requiring utilities to pay more than the retail rate from power sold to the grid.

While Fite was able advance his bill to the Insurance & Commerce Committee, many in the industry have spoken out against the bill, including firm client Arkansas Advanced Energy Association (AAEE).

AAEE Executive Director Stephanie Osborne explained that the bill could exponentially threaten the growing solar industry in Arkansas, stating, “Arkansas needs to ensure regulatory stability to allow the market to thrive.”

Read all of Osborne’s comments in the full Arizona Business article.

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