Dover Dixon Horne member, Matthew C. Boch, speaks on Navigating Sales Tax Nexus in the Post-Wayfair Environment

Dover Dixon Horne partner Matthew C. Boch, and Ilya Lipin, managing director at BDO USA, PPL, will provide practical insights on the latest developments in sales tax nexus obligations as the dust settles two years post-Wayfair.  The program will bring tax and financial professionals up to speed on strategies for understanding and managing multistate tax nexus issues. 

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Program Description
Practical Insights on the Latest Developments in Sales Tax

The effects of the historic decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair are still rippling throughout the tax community. Recent state developments have presented significant compliance hurdles for online sellers and their tax advisers. Join our distinguished faculty as unpack the implications of the Wayfair case and discuss practical strategies for stepping into compliance. Register today!

Get clarity on the latest post-Wayfair sales tax developments.
Learn how to determine nexus and assess sales tax requirements.
Explore systemic approaches for compliance, remediation risks, and strategies.

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