Adrienne Griffis Sits Down With ABC7 to Discuss Arkansas’ Sovereign Immunity

On January 18, in Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas v. Matthew Andrews, 2018 Ark. 12, the Arkansas Supreme Court refused to enforce a state employee’s right to be paid for overtime by holding that the employee could not sue the state, even in its capacity as his employer. 

On Thursday, Of Counsel Adrienne Griffis spoke with ABC7-KATV on how the decision impacts all Arkansans. She said the Supreme Court has interpreted the constitution essentially a blanket ban on any statute that would allow a lawsuit against the state.

 “‘The state’ doesn't just mean the state,” Griffis said. “It means political subdivisions of the state too. So that includes local governments, county governments, city governments, school boards, school districts; any government entity essentially. It does not have to be the State of Arkansas—the local governments are now immune too.”

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