Mike Smith comments on BASF’s dicamba low percentage in Bloomberg

Partner Mike Smith was recently quoted in a Bloomberg article, “ BASF Data Signals Illegal Dicamba Spray as Source of Crop Damage.”

Earlier this year, the Arkansas State Plant Board allowed BASF’s formula of dicamba, called Engenia – manufactured by Monstanto – to be the only formula of the herbicide sprayed in the state.

BASF said in an email to Bloomberg the company sold enough product to cover only 52 percent of he dicamba-tolerant acres planted in the state.

However, Smith said “a few factors may be influencing the low percentage BASF calculated. A mid-season ban on Engenia use by the Arkansas Plant Board could’ve have stemmed sales. Some farmers also bought dicamba-tolerant seeds defensively because they were concerned about off-target movement, but never sprayed. That would artificially boost the number of tolerant acres in the calculation.”

The Arkansas State Plant Board will hold a regulatory hearing on Nov. 8 to finalize the limitations for 2018 – dicamba won’t be able to be used after April 15.

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